Mission & vision

Dedicated unlocking the power of scent

Ode to our nose - the most direct and emotional human sense.

It is the only sense directly linked to our limbic system, the oldest section of our brain in which we feel, lust, remember and invent. Recent research even shows that the power of the human nose is almost limitless, at least one trillion scents can be detected.

We are committed unlocking the power of scent for our clients and business partners. Independent and dedicated we focus on your business success, where scent can add value.

As independent scent experts we:

  • create positive scent experiences
  • counteract negative scents and malodour

On basis of our multidisciplinary expertise:

  • unlock the knowledge and network within the perfumes and fragrance business
  • develop perfumes and fragranced products
  • realise product innovation and innovative scent applications