10 Dutch nifty ideas

10 Dutch nifty ideas

DutchNews.nl: 10 Dutch ideas we wish we had thought of first.

"The Dutch are an inventive lot. Among their clever ideas in the past: the stock exchange, the submarine, the fire pump and the speed camera. Here's a list of other nifty ideas we wish we had come up with."

Proud our Eau d'Amsterdam is regarded as one of these 10. Read more.

Eau d'Amsterdam - World Heritage in a Bottle


Last November, we proudly launched the first and only fragrance for Amsterdam, Eau d'Amsterdam.

We have 75.000 elms in our capital city and so their scent touches us unconsciously on a daily basis.

In Berlin they have the lime tree, in Paris the sycamore tree and Amsterdam has the elm tree.

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The Scent of World Peace


That's quite an ambitious statement: could we develop a fragrance that would contribute to world peace?

Journalist Laura Stek made a beautiful report in a programme for the VPRO on the radio.

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The scent of storm

scent of storm


Overwhelming reactions and a stormy atmosphere at a special evening at the Zuiderzeemuseum. A silver cloud by Ted Noten en stormy cloud-dressed girls had visitors smell STORM. This is how we went from an elusive concept such as storm to an intriguing  perfume…

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Vetiver in perfumes


Always wanted to understand better how vetiver, tonkabeans, patchouli grow and how they are used in perfumes? Givaudan's renewed company website has interesting explanatory parts on both perfume aromachemicals as naturals. Get a taste of it, viewing the part on vetiver and "discover the roots of masculinity in Haiti"...

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WPC: Great inspiration in Deauville


June 10-12 2014 Perfumer & Flavorist organized the bi-annual congress in Deauville (France) - WPC2014 (World Perfumery Congress).

We agree with the summary of the organizers:"Such a dynamic success! Fueled by more than 1,100 participants,

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Enjoy Narcissus

A Play for Music & Scent.

Narcissus is a melodrama by composer Calliope Tsoupaki for scent and 6 musicians of Nieuw Amsterdams Peil (piano, violin, cello, bass clarinet, horn and harp).

Music and scents deepen the total sensorial experience. Find here the first excited press reactions, trailer and program:

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A Play for Music + Scent: Narcissus


Imagine, a concert full of sensory magic that entices all our senses, ears, eyes and even our nose. Music that totally carries us away, melodical, fiery and mystical. A deeply sensory experience.

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From Perfume Industry to Bookshop

If you are familiar in Amsterdam, you know the Athenaeum bookshop on the Spui square is a wonderful place to wander around. It offers all kinds of national and international magazines and you always leave with a nice stack of fresh reading material. However, less people are familiar with the fact that this well-known bookshop was founded with funds from the perfume industry.

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Ambergris, unique find at Texel

Aangespoelde gestorven potvis


Floating Gold – Ambergris 

Seldom this happens, a dead sperm whale washed up on the Dutch beaches. And even more rare, the carcass of this sperm whale showed to contain 83 kilograms ‘floating gold’ (ambergris).  It happened in December 2012, an enormous dead sperm whale washed up on the sandbanks of Texel, The Netherlands.

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